Deven Parekh and Jeff Lieberman Recognized for Recent Achievements

AlwaysOn has chosen a couple of Managing Directors from Insight Venture Partners as Venture Capital 100 winners. The two of these are Jeff Lieberman and Deven Parekh. The Venture Capital 100 (VC100) winners for 2013 were nominated by their peers. These include industry insiders, investors, journalists, and bankers. AlwaysOn is the foremost business media brand. AlwaysOn informs as well as connects the entrepreneurial circle within the Global Silicon Valley.

Mr. Parekh joined Insight Venture Partners in January 2000. He has served as a Director since January of 2004. Mr. Lieberman joined up with the firm in 1998. Before joining Insight, he had been a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. During his career there, he concentrated on strategic and operating matters in the financial services, technology, and consumer products industries.

The 2013 selection of Deven Parekh by AlwaysOn recognized as noteworthy his investments in Chegg and Twitter. Jeff Lieberman’s selection recognized as notable his investment in Cvent. Deven, Jeff and all the winners were chosen from amongst 100s of people in the intercontinental technology entrepreneurial community.

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