Deven Parekh Announces Investment in Campaign Monitor

Deven Parekh, through Insight Venture Partners, has announced Insight’s investment in Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor (established in 2004) is a global leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) -based email marketing and design solutions. Insight invested US$250 million in this entity. This is Campaign Monitor’s first round of funding.

Mr. David Greiner and Mr. Ben Richardson are the co-founders of Campaign Monitor. In excess of 100,000 paying clients in 170 countries depend on Campaign Monitor to manage their email marketing. Campaign Monitor is a foremost email marketing solution for creative agencies, high-growth businesses, and major international companies.

Insight and Deven Parekh work to discover, finance, and work successfully with forward thinking executives who are pushing change in their particular sectors. Mr. Parekh and Insight provide these executives and their businesses with hands-on, practical growth knowledge to cultivate long-term success. Mr. Parekh and Mr. Nikitas Koutoupes (Insight Venture Partners Managing Directors) as well as associate Mr. Dan May, will become members of Campaign Monitor’s Board of Directors.

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